Sunset with the Girls


Carson was spent by the time the sun was coming down so he decided to just go to bed.  The girls on the other hand had plenty of energy.  Lots of dancing and even a conga line to close out the day.


First Sunset at the Beach


We usually arrive late on the first day of our beach trips, but it has become customary for the kids to go down to the beach no matter what time we arrive.



Last day Sunset and Stuff


Sunset on our last day.  Carson, Captain of the Beach.  Hide-n-go-seek, not a lot of hiding places at the beach as you might imagine.  To finish it off, Carson’s “I get anything I want face”.



Just My Boy


It seems that every time we go to the beach poor Langley gets sick.  So this afternoon it was just Carson and I at the beach.  For the second day in a row, he was in a photo friendly mood.  Crazy.