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It’s Alive!

  I don’t get out much with the new job, but I’m still here.  Took a picture to prove it.  This was during my lunch break today, upstairs in front of the window.  Enjoy it Libby.    

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I’ve become my Father

Well, that seals the deal.  I bought a pair of Aviators yesterday, the same glasses my Dad has been wearing since he was a teenager (and if you ask him, he’ll tell you he isn’t much older now).  Love you Dad. Dad’s read the comments and thinks to be fair we need to get his […]

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365 of 365

Well surprise surprise surprise, this is the last day of my 365.  I had gotten so used to taking a picture everyday, honestly I wasn’t even counting anymore.  Then yesterday I checked my post count and saw I was on day 364, crazy!  So how do you end it, well for me, the same way […]

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This is how I felt most of the day.  Really struggled to find some inspiration for a pic, and finally as I sat staring blankly at the computer monitor it came to me.

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Had an amazing sunset yesterday after all the rain, so I just had to take advantage of the light.  Shot at f2 with my 50mm.

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