It’s Alive!


I don’t get out much with the new job, but I’m still here.  Took a picture to prove it.  This was during my lunch break today, upstairs in front of the window.  Enjoy it Libby.



Our trip to Alaska

Florida to Alaska.  We left at 7am Eastern and arrived in Anchorage at around 10pm Eastern / 6pm local time.  I had a caribou burger for dinner, it was awesome.  We spent the night in Anchorage and the next morning left for Denali.  On our way we made our first stop at the Iditarod Race HQ, and got to spend some time with a few of their newest members.

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Next we stopped in a small town called Talkeetna, had lunch then went for a walk down by the river.

Next stop the Princess Mt. McKinley Lodge.  We went on an ATV excursion among other things.  Below is one of the rivers we crossed while we were riding around on the ATV’s

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Mer and I hiked around quite a bit the couple of days we stayed at the Mt. McKinley lodge.

Next it was off to the Denali Princess Lodge.  Lot’s more exploring/hiking and a trip into the Denali National Park.  Got up close and personal with the wildlife.  Yes, a beaver took that tree down.

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So after we made our way North into Alaska, it was time to head back South to the ship.  We did it in one day on the train.  Amazing views all day long.  Finally reached port and our ship the Island Princess.

Below are a couple shots as we left port and sailed out.  I happened to catch a fishing boat returning as well.

Alright, up next Glacier Bay.  Beautiful.  Also the coldest part of the trip.  Check out how still the water is in the shot of the mountains.  It was freaky weird.

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The below shots are from one of our shore excursions.  It was a photographic wildlife trip, they didn’t disappoint. Whales, Seals, Eagles.

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At our last port we went on a float plane excursion to the Misty Fiords.  Small plane,  six people total, I sat next to the pilot.  As it turned out we were there on one of the nicest days they’d had so far that year so no rain, no mist.  Fine with us, great trip.  The pilot flew us all through the mountains and then landed on a lake.  We were able to get out on the pontoon and take pictures etc.

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We got off the ship for the last time in Vancouver BC.  We spent the night there before flying home the next morning.  We stayed in downtown BC and spent the day walking around the city which included a stop at Stanley Park.  The pictures below are from a pond in Stanley Park taken while we waited for the rain to slow down.

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Amazing trip!  So thankful that we were able to go.  These are just the tip of the iceberg (Ha) of pictures.  To see them all go here.

I’ve become my Father

Well, that seals the deal.  I bought a pair of Aviators yesterday, the same glasses my Dad has been wearing since he was a teenager (and if you ask him, he’ll tell you he isn’t much older now).  Love you Dad.

Dad’s read the comments and thinks to be fair we need to get his pic up, so here it is.  What do you think?