Hard working man

One day break from this week’s theme to introduce Stanley.  He’s been doing some major landscaping at my neighbor’s house, and he’s doing an amazing job of it.  So after being inspired by Jon Yager’s work in his 50/50/50 project I decided to walk next door and have a go at asking a complete stranger if they would let me take their picture.  Stanley was great, and I love how this picture turned out.  I hope it captures just how hard this man has been working.  Before today I wasn’t sure what I was going to do after I finished 365; I know now.

Round & Round

Went over to Grammy’s and Papa’s house to wish them a happy Valentines day, and of course that led to Carson coaxing Papa outside to spin him around.  Someone’s just a little dizzy in the second pic.

Photographer Down!

The story here isn’t really about the pics, it’s about how I got the shots and what happened during capture.  Picture two people cruising along on Razor™ scooters, one behind the other.  The first is the model, Lori Beth and the second is me, the photographer.  I’m zooming along while holding the camera just above the ground.  Now I want to really get a sense of speed so I ask Lori Beth to go faster, and then faster still.  Now she is more than happy to oblige and on the last pass as we reach maximum speed approaching the final corner…  Blamo, I run out of talent.  So there I am sprawled out sliding on my face across the floor with only one thing on my mind,  SAVE THE CAMERA.  Great way to finish the shoot.

[nggallery id=28]

I told you.

The only thing my new favorite angle was missing was me.  Let me tell you, I wish I had taken a pull back of this shot so you could see how I had the camera rigged up.  Tripod on top of a six foot ladder, first set of feet on the tripod extended with the head arm in the horizontal position; strapped down with bungee cords and a fifty pound bag of sand on the bottom step of the ladder for stability.  Genius really.