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This is how I felt most of the day.  Really struggled to find some inspiration for a pic, and finally as I sat staring blankly at the computer monitor it came to me.

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Still down

Day two and we are still down but not out.  We went back to the doctor for a couple more test, good news is that it looks to be just a tough virus.  Here’s hoping tomorrow the fever breaks.

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Kara was kind enough to let me photographer her in what is becoming one of my favorite spots.  It’s a short hallway that’s open at each end so you get the sun from behind as well as the front.  I love it.  Thanks Kara.

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Just a couple quick pics from yesterday, the first one really cracked me up.  Hope everyone had a great Easter, and if you don’t celebrate Easter then I hope you had a great Sunday.

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Pelé he is not…

This had me in tears.  Dad trying to show off his soccer skills got tangled up with the ball and ate it.  I’m talking about a complete somersault.  That’s what you get for picking on a four year old…  Love you Dad.

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Quality programing

All cuddled up watching Monster Buster Club…  The things grandparents have to suffer through while spending time with grand kids these days.

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