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    It was a beautiful night at the beach!  The temp was in the low 60’s with a steady wind.  I love this type of weather.  

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G night

If you remember awhile back me talking about not being able to have nice things, well I was referring to something that happened to my car.  Good news, she’s all better.

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Get more sleep

There wouldn’t be a problem if I actually went to sleep at 10:25.  That never happens.  Being woken up at 6 am by our four year old, that always happens.

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Heading home?

So you remember earlier when I talked about always having your camera with you…  Well today I should have listened to my own advice and I would have had an amazing photo for you, instead you get this.  I’m hoping I still may get to take said amazing photo so sit tight.

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Lonely Road

Rainy night, home alone with the little ones, so what do you do for a picture… You go stand out in the middle of the street after you put the kids to bed.

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Drive Home

So as the days get shorter and work gets longer I’ve got to start thinking out of the box for pics, so here’s me stuck in traffic on my drive home.

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