So we’ve had a bit of a catastrophe, due to the heavy rains part of the new side yard has collapsed.  Not to worry, should all be fixed by next week.  Sorry about the less than exciting picture for today, but I’m still sick and that’s about as creative as I feel.

Side yard 95% complete

So we still need one more pallet of grass and to complete the play fort but we are in the home stretch.  Next is the continuation of the privacy fence, and then it’ll be time for a celebration barbecue.  You coming?

The side yard day 1

What you see are panoramas of the before and after shots of our side yard.  The pros came today to start where I left off.  They cut down the big trees, removed the stumps from all the cut trees, scraped the yard to remove debris and roots, and finally brought in 11 dump trucks worth of dirt to fill and re-grade the yard.  Today they’ll bury the drain pipes, and do the final molding of the dirt, and then of Thursday they bring in the sod.