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Afternoon at the Pond

  It was a beautiful day so we decided to go down to the pond.  Planned to feed the geese, ended up feeding the turtles and fish.  Had a fun game of hide and seek.  Hope you are enjoying your weekend.  

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  We bought a skimboard for “Carson”… maybe a little for me, but as usual he had no trouble picking it up and making it work.  The kid really is amazing!  

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  I was asked to take High School Senior photos by a family that I have been close with for many years.  I had always considered senior photos as I like the creativity that genre has, but never put myself out there to try it, until now.  Boy, I’ve really been missing out.  What an […]

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Gentlemen Start Your Engines

  Before the race started on Saturday, we went down onto the track and pit road.  The pictures of the cars once the race started are from the bank between turn one and two.  

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