So I finally got a seamless setup and took a quick test shot last night of my unusually willing son.  I think it was because he was supposed to be in bed, so really he’d do anything to stay up a little longer.

Split Personality

Always wanted to try this.  I can’t believe it’s been a week since I posted.  I won’t make you wait that long for the next one.

365 of 365

Well surprise surprise surprise, this is the last day of my 365.  I had gotten so used to taking a picture everyday, honestly I wasn’t even counting anymore.  Then yesterday I checked my post count and saw I was on day 364, crazy!  So how do you end it, well for me, the same way I started it.  My first picture on this blog was a self portrait, so I recreated that shot  putting together all my learning’s from this past year.  Which I might add have been tremendous.  If you ever want to be a better photographer I highly recommend doing a 365, having the camera in your hand everyday can only lead to great things.  It can also lead to spending lots of money, time away from your family, and lots of odd looks from strangers, but what you gain cannot be measured.  Truly, I cannot recommend this enough.  What’s next?  I have no idea, I’m still going to be posting to the blog, just maybe not everyday.  I am considering a 50/50/50 or even something with an 85mm prime as I’ve been lusting after that lens for quite sometime. (Come on Nikon release the new one already) What ever I decide you’ll be the first to know.  So anyway back to the shot.  Below you’ll see both photos, on the top is the original and below that is today’s.  From what I can remember about the original I was using my D90 with the 18-200 VR with my speedlight on camera, then heavily processed it in photoshop with multiple actions and possibly it’s B&W because I couldn’t get the color right as I shot strictly .jpg back then.   Today’s follows my current workflow, develop in Lightroom, then on to photoshop for final touch-ups.  Honestly though, I could hardly tell the difference between the two…  😉


I was really torn on whether to use the color or black and white version of this pic, but in the end you can see which won out.