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The Grass Goes Boom

  We had beautiful weather this weekend and spent as much time as possible outside.  This series was all Carson’s idea.    

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Magic Tree House

  Beautiful day for spending time outside.  Carson has been reading “The Magic Tree House” books and so lately during downtime he’s been in his “Tree House” reading.  The above pics show my usual reading transition, especially on a warm sunny day…  

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Girl On Fire

  As kids do, Langley recently just started singing “That Girl Is On Fire”, just that one verse and usually at the top of her lungs.  This happens randomly and usually when you least expect it, which makes for a great laugh.  Most of the time.  

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A Real Smile

  It’s tougher and tougher to get Carson in a picture.  Even more so if you want a real smile.  Got it with the first one.  

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  Langley loves to play with her brother, no matter what he wants to do to her…  

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