This little piggy…

Went into my tummy.  Our neighbors had a party to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday. The party had a piggy theme and to go with that her Mom made these amazing cupcakes.  Sooo Good!  Red velvet with watermelon jelly ears, liquorish eyes, marshmallow nose and chocolate chip nostrils.

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It’s me…

Well part of me, and anyway I’ve exceeded my time in front of the camera for the month.  Carson had Valentines at school today and these were what he was wearing when he came home.  One more day.

Candy Heart

I figure I’ll finish off the rest of week with a Valentine flavor.  Also I’m gonna try and start including a pullback when possible, check the pic below for details.

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I told you.

The only thing my new favorite angle was missing was me.  Let me tell you, I wish I had taken a pull back of this shot so you could see how I had the camera rigged up.  Tripod on top of a six foot ladder, first set of feet on the tripod extended with the head arm in the horizontal position; strapped down with bungee cords and a fifty pound bag of sand on the bottom step of the ladder for stability.  Genius really.