Gulls and Langley


We had to go into Port Saint Joe to get a few things so we stopped at a cool park and let the kids play for awhile.  The park was by the bay and the sea gulls were more than happy to pose for a photo as long as I had what they thought was something to eat.  The first photo of Langley is from the slide at the park.  The following two photos are from another spot we stopped at on the way home.


Stormy Sunrise


I always get the sunsets while we’re at the beach, so this morning I tried to get a sunrise.  The front was coming through so not your traditional sunrise pics.  The last photo is of the moon which was still hanging around.


Grandparents at Play


Grandma and Granddad came up for Christmas.  We had a fun afternoon at the pond on the 23rd.  Granddad held his own against Carson during the soccer match.  Check the photo where Carson “meged” him.  Grandma had her camera out to capture the action and then spent time being mauled by the wild things that my children are.  Great time had by all.




Quick picture before a Sunday afternoon soccer game between Carson and myself.


My Little Sunshine


I have been out of commission for the last few days and finally this Sunday managed to drag myself out of the house and into the world again.  We went down to the pond to feed the geese, and let the kids play.  Children laughing, sun shining, just what the doctor ordered.