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Daddy-Daughter Beach Days


Langley finished school last week so we decided to spend this week at the beach, just her and I.


Last day Sunset and Stuff


Sunset on our last day.  Carson, Captain of the Beach.  Hide-n-go-seek, not a lot of hiding places at the beach as you might imagine.  To finish it off, Carson’s “I get anything I want face”.



The Castle


The sandcastles get bigger every time.  Multiple walls of defense from the waves and constant rebuilding keep both Carson and I busy.  You don’t mind this kind of work on such a beautiful day.


Playing in the Sand


Fun to be had in the sand.  Whether it’s hiding from Dad, flying like Super Girl, or making sand angels, the beach is where it’s at.



A little rough for Skimboarding

Getting loose…



Beautiful weather on Saturday.  The Gulf was a little too rough and didn’t make it easy for Carson to skimboard.  Not that he didn’t try.



Sunset Dance


No better way to end our first day at the beach than to dance it out.



F o l l o w
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