Hear That Lion Roar


This weekend is Meredith’s High School reunion.  One of the events was a tour of their High School, Leon.  The school’s mascot is the Lion.  It’s mane has gotten a little darker since Meredith was last there…  What’s really going to be funny, is that as of right now Carson is zoned for Leon.  This will be a great picture to have as leverage during High School.  Today’s Theme:  Out and About


Poor Sunflower


Carson grew this sunflower from a seed.  Before we left for our trip it was looking great.  But I was told that we had a lot of heavy rain while we were gone and the poor sunflower is not doing so well now.  Hopefully things will turn around as there’s no rain in the forecast for the next couple of days.  Today’s Theme:  Yellow


Just in Time


Cut our trip a day short to make it home just in time to surprise everyone for Langley’s ballet recital.  Today’s Theme: Time