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Ridiculously High Jump


The top platform has to be about 30 feet above the water.  It is ridiculously high.  You’d think that would stop a six year old, but not Carson.  Not to be out done by my six year old, I had to go off too.  Let me tell you, I had a lot of time to think on my way down.  I could have written a short story in the time it took for me to hit the water.  Crazy fun time at the lake.


The Kid’s a Natural


Got up on his first try and then there was no stopping him.  After about 30 minutes, in true Carson fashion, he was standing on the hydro slide.


Fireworks at the Lake

Calm before the storm…


We had an amazing 4th!


Michael - Calm before the shot is AWESOME

4th of July Boat Parade


Lake Mystic 4th of July tradition, the patriotic boat parade.  Part of the pre fireworks festivities.


Libby - so jealous!!!! Looks like a blast!

Mom - Ditto Libby

Not To Be Outdone


If Carson’s doing it then, Langley’s doing it.  Who’s driving the boat while I’m taking pictures you may ask…  Why Carson of course.


Libby - I’m absolutely loving all of these pictures from the lake!!!!! And so tickled that Langley wants to do everything that big brother does. Any pictures of her driving the boat 😉

Mom - Loving the pictures and wishing we were there!

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