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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Last day Sunset and Stuff

  Sunset on our last day.  Carson, Captain of the Beach.  Hide-n-go-seek, not a lot of hiding places at the beach as you might imagine.  To finish it off, Carson’s “I get anything I want face”.    

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The Castle

  The sandcastles get bigger every time.  Multiple walls of defense from the waves and constant rebuilding keep both Carson and I busy.  You don’t mind this kind of work on such a beautiful day.  

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Playing in the Sand

  Fun to be had in the sand.  Whether it’s hiding from Dad, flying like Super Girl, or making sand angels, the beach is where it’s at.    

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The Grass Goes Boom

  We had beautiful weather this weekend and spent as much time as possible outside.  This series was all Carson’s idea.    

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