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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Nice evening for bubbles

Sitting out on the deck at Grammy’s house while Carson blows bubbles to entertain Langley.  She’s feeling better, with the exception of the two new teeth that are coming in.

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This is how I felt most of the day.  Really struggled to find some inspiration for a pic, and finally as I sat staring blankly at the computer monitor it came to me.

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Nature Boy

So here is the G rated version of Carson running around the front yard in his underwear.  This is only moments before he removed his underwear and started proclaiming “Ahh I’m naked!  Ahh I’m naked!” as he ran around with his hands over his head.  If streaking is a thing of the past when he […]

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Still down

Day two and we are still down but not out.  We went back to the doctor for a couple more test, good news is that it looks to be just a tough virus.  Here’s hoping tomorrow the fever breaks.

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F o l l o w
F i n d