Wanna know what happens when you live next door to me?  You get a random call on Friday afternoon asking if you want your picture taken.  Thankfully for me I’ve got awesome neighbors!  I know this is the last day of catchlights, but I just love this shot in all it’s out of focus goodness.  The pics below have plenty of catchlight to make up for this one.  Enjoy.

[nggallery id=33]

Day Dreamer

You want to know what she’s dreaming about…  It’s about how to put leaves into her mouth, sneaky thing probably has one in her left hand right now.  I spent the majority of my time grabbing them out of her hands.  Crazy kid.

Will work for food

I’ve resorted to bribing Carson with Goldfish for each picture he takes.  It goes like this, the shutter releases, he gets a Goldfish.  This continues until I’ve got the shot I need or I run out of food.  At this point it’s about the only way I can get him in front of the camera.