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Went hunting for new places to shoot today.  Found this, and it works perfectly for this weeks theme.

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Wanna know what happens when you live next door to me?  You get a random call on Friday afternoon asking if you want your picture taken.  Thankfully for me I’ve got awesome neighbors!  I know this is the last day of catchlights, but I just love this shot in all it’s out of focus goodness.  […]

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Day Dreamer

You want to know what she’s dreaming about…  It’s about how to put leaves into her mouth, sneaky thing probably has one in her left hand right now.  I spent the majority of my time grabbing them out of her hands.  Crazy kid.

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Will work for food

I’ve resorted to bribing Carson with Goldfish for each picture he takes.  It goes like this, the shutter releases, he gets a Goldfish.  This continues until I’ve got the shot I need or I run out of food.  At this point it’s about the only way I can get him in front of the camera.

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F o l l o w
F i n d