This is the pond at the entrance to my neighborhood, and this picture represents why you always have your camera with you.  As I was coming down the road on my way to work, I could see the steam coming off water and thought that would be a cool picture, so I pulled over, jumped out and took the shot.  Enjoy.

Enough Already

I had such a better idea for this multiple exposure, but I couldn’t find the right location.  I still may do it so you’ll have to wait and see.  Anyway pretty lame today, I guess this fits this weeks theme in that I had to have “faith” this would work.

A little birdie


I had no intentions of taking a picture of Carson today, but two and a half hours into his usual hour and a half nap I went to check on him.  He had made himself a nest on the floor with all his animals, pillows, and blankets and he was smack in the middle.  So you see, when he woke up I had to get a pic.  To see the full nest check the pic below.

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